Saturday, March 7, 2015

Go Team Teeth!

SOL #7
When we committed to baby number two I read most of the fine print.  I skimmed over the part about being tired.  Everyone knows that you'll be tired as a parent.  I actually read the section on sleep deprivation knowing that while there would be some tough nights I would be fine.  I had already done this once how much different can it be.  I even read the section on null sleep but my cherub would sleep, I was certain.

Emma has been a pretty good sleeper.  We made it to one year old and the week before her birthday she slept through the night for three nights in a row.  I got a taste of what it feels like to be rested.  Maybe that is the issue -- contrast.  At any rate,  since she turned one on March 1st Emma has been up on and off at night and has been cranky for chunks of time not wanting to be held or laid down.  At this point I am sleep deprived.  The string of nights with periods of null sleep has caught up to me.  I am hazy and exhausted.  To all the parents out there reading this and thinking "suck it up my kid. . ." I am sure that you had it worse but I am still sleep deprived.

My theory has been that she is either getting another ear infection or she is teething and I was placing my bets on the later.  She has all the tell-tale gooey signs -- copious amounts of drool and boogers all blended together on her hand as she mashes her fingers into her maw yet again to chew on them.  After her bath, I felt to see how close the next teeth were and I didn't feel anything.  How curious?  I felt again and she wasn't having any part of a second mommy finger in her mouth.  She arched her back and tried to use her patented diaper change power roll to get away.  It forced my finger further down her jaw line.  Sure enough, I found two very ouchy pointy lumps pushing their way through.  First molars.  A bit early but here nonetheless.  Poor baby.  

As we rocked and read in the recliner tonight my seven year old daughter and I made up a cheer encouraging those teeth to come, "Go teeth!  Go team teeth!".  We are cheering them on and I'm quietly begging them so I can move back to just simply being tired.

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  1. Love that you and your older daughter created a chant! Does it make you feel a little less tired and disjointed now that you know the cause? This is hard work! For you and Emma both. Here's hoping the teeth pain ebbs and you get back to the sleep you need and deserve.